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CoolGeek VS-01 the Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

CoolGeek VS-01 the Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

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Product Description:

The original upright turntable combined with the sound quality of a vinyl record player is a collision of fashionable appearance and classic music mode. VS-01 integrates Nordic modernity style and classic feelings, to adopt a Danish stylus head (Ortofon OM 5E), paying tribute to the golden age of vinyl, and creates a record player with visual freshness and professional sound quality for you.

Unique Upstanding Design: That crisp yet crackling vinyl sound is one of the most appealing aspects of a vintage record player. But we believe another fascinating component is the vinyl artwork itself. That’s why, instead of creating a generic flattop design, we’ve chosen to erect the turntable and put your records in full view. Aside from ensuring our Bluetooth and vinyl record player produces impeccable sound, we’ve placed equal importance on its overall aesthetic design.

The record and transmission shaft on the turntable is also placed upright to reduce the area of dust falling so that the needle is stable and does not slip during playback. The record rotates slowly with the music, making it easier for you to immerse yourself in the music. 

Ortofon OM 5E Danish High Wind Stylus Head: The VS-01 comes equipped with a high-end, high-wind Danish needle head. This state-of-the-art stylus brings modern-day quality sound to old-age record design. The needle head allows for high levels of internal damping which helps suppress resonance, improve dynamic range, and even increase sound crispness for those magical music moments.

HiFi Level Sound System: Targeting both high and low sound frequencies, the VS-01 contains a built-in 5W hybrid mid/tweeter driver as well as a 30W heavy bass unit. This Bluetooth and vinyl record player will turn your family room into a concert hall from the moment you place the needle or press play.
The bottom subwoofer is designed to enhance the low-frequency sound waves after being reflected by the desktop. Precisely calculated inverted tube structure, more effective use of sound wave energy, to obtain a shocking heavy bass effect.
Additionally, the in-built HIFI amplifier, RIAA curve helps balance playback frequencies by reducing lower waves and boosting higher ones. It's like a symphony orchestra playing in your ears, bringing you the HIFI sound quality of a home concert hall.
Made to Be Played on Full Blast: Although some may be worried about the VS-01’s unique upstanding design, we’ve made sure to accommodate its vertical playback ability. Our Bluetooth and vinyl record player comes equipped with 3 shock absorbers that ensure your records and needle stay absolutely stable at all times.
Dual Speed Playback Opportunities: Equipped with a Japanese NIDEC silent high-speed motor – along with state-of-the-art closed-loop control technology – the VS-01 can be programmed to play records at both 33.3 and 45 RPM. You can adjust the speed of the rotary table at any time, without impacting the needle or your records.
We’ve also incorporated a fail-stop function that automatically stops the record when the needle is too close to the center. This helps protect the needle from friction damage, extending its life and your music playback time.
Multiple Playback Modes: When you’re not using your VS-01 to play those sweet vinyl tunes, this vintage record player doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Beyond being able to connect your phone and start that groovy playlist, the VS-01 enables you to listen to the turntable function on any Bluetooth-enabled device. On top of this, our Bluetooth and vinyl record player also comes with a LINE OUT mode that allows you to connect an amp or your headset via cable.

Vinyl Mode, Bluetooth Mode, LINE OUT Output Mode,

Vinyl Bluetooth Transmission Mode

Transmit the vinyl music played on the VS-01 to the Bluetooth headset and enjoy the vinyl music exclusively.
Where Fashion and Function Collide
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