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ESQ-Retro Bluetooth Speakers & Stereo Radio

ESQ-Retro Bluetooth Speakers & Stereo Radio

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Product Description:

There’s little as heart-warming as some good-ol’ ‘80s nostalgia. The best music! But grooving to beats of a bygone era simply isn’t the same on a modern-day device. That’s why we created ESQ – an ‘80s retro speaker that delivers authentic ‘80s experiences every single time!

The volume is 30% smaller than that of the 1980s, making it more convenient to carry. It is both a speaker and a radio. Its strength is the built-in 30W speaker, using dual-tone 4 speakers, and the sound quality is thick and clear.

No one will believe you when you say ESQ is new. This baby looks like she’s traveled straight through time to your living room! Made from high-quality plastic and zinc alloy, this mini Bluetooth speaker and radio resembles an authentic speaker from the ‘80s and ‘90s – and we planned it to be this way. A heavy metal texture and thoughtful design gives ESQ a realistically “aged” look, while the analog radio search dials mimic the traditional line-pulling metal structure your parents tinkered with back in the day.

Authentic Retro Experience:

ESQ adopts an innovative cassette structure, which stores high-quality music sources in a TF card, and then cleverly places the TF card in a reduced version of the tape. With the real experience of tape switching, you can enjoy unlimited high-quality music effects.

Dual-channel Stereo Sound:

With a 4-speaker structure (2x tweeters and 2x woofers) the result is a quintessentially loud ‘80s sound with refreshingly clear audio quality.


ESQ is both a speaker and radio, with built-in 30W power, dual channels, and 4 high-end speakers. The result is your favorite ‘80s tunes in crystal-clear quality, filling the entire room. Perfect for parties for 2 or 200!

Connect Via Bluetooth:

ESQ houses the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. Connect your phone in moments and play your favorite music from any app. This ‘80s retro speaker can reach distances of up to 50M, meaning she’ll keep the party going even when you need a toilet break and take your phone with you.

AM/FM Radio:

Want to tune in to the local AM (520-1710KHz) or FM (87-108MHz)station? One turn of the dial takes you to the analog radio mode. ESQ features a built-in DSP chip and retractable 76.5cm antenna. Enjoy incredible signal quality and full-band frequency, so you can check the sports results or weather in-between Walking on Sunshine and Love is a Battlefield!

  • AM:520-1710KHz,FM:87-108MHz


16,000mAh battery capacity keeps that funky music going for longer – up to 15 hours straight, in fact. This built-in battery means you can even use your ‘80s retro Bluetooth speaker as a power bank to keep your phone charged.

Disco Lights:

It’s a Total Eclipse of the Heart with ESQ’s music light effect, where the lights flash and change colors to the beat of whatever you’re jamming to. You’ll wanna dance with somebody. The lights can be turned off just as quickly as you turned them on.

Two Control Methods:

ESQ adopts two control methods: remote control and mechanical button, matching the remote control, which can be remotely controlled to switch the previous song or the next song, change the station, the volume, etc.

Capture Your Favorite Moments:

Record and save your favorite music and sounds for anytime playback later on.

More Features:

ESQ's built-in 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to enjoy music quietly without worrying about disturbing others.

  • Support reading U disk to play music or sound
  • Support AUX input playback function

ESQ looks and feels just like a genuine ‘80s retro speaker, but it’s about 30% smaller – making it convenient to carry around and take the best of the ‘80s with you. With a signature ‘80s handle, you can bring ESQ along wherever you go.

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