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Sleek vertical turntable brings bold colors & vintage mood to any room

by ChenJacky 27 Mar 2023
CoolGeek brings bold colors and a vintage mood to your home with its reinvented record player. Dubbed VS-01, the sleek, compact, and almost floating design promises a minimal look that will steal the limelight in any room, even when it’s not playing music. VS-01 vertical turntable brings back the golden age of vinyl, producing professional sound quality as the record confidently rotates under the carbon fiber tonearm. Unlike the ordinary flattop turntable designs, its striking body puts your records in full view, exuding a visual freshness that combines nordic modernity style and classic feelings. CoolGeek’s home products are committed to honest materials that combine solid construction and an overall fine aesthetic design.


In minimalist lines, Danish industrial designer‘s products intertwine function, effective presentation, and modern sophistication for record player lovers, bringing nuances from eras past. While most record players on the market are bulky and heavy, VS-01 comes with a lightweight silhouette that will definitely stand out in the room, appearing as an artwork itself. The VS-01 can be programmed to play records at both 33.3 and 45 RPM playback speeds. ‘We’ve also incorporated a fail-stop function that automatically stops the record when the needle is too close to the center. This helps protect the needle from friction damage, extending its life and your music playback time.’

The record and tonearm are also placed upright to reduce the area of dust falling so that the needle is stable and does not slip during playback. The VS-01 comes equipped with a high-end danish needle head. The needle head allows for high levels of internal damping, which helps suppress resonance, improve dynamic range, and even increase sound crispness.

Shipping is due to start in March with starting price of 549$.

a combination of minimal appearance and classic music mode

VS-01 is elegant, endlessly entertaining, and comes in different colors

the shell sits on vibration-dampening conical feet


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