CoolGeek CS01 Vinyl Record Player Integrated Film Machine Home Phonograph Living Room Bluetooth Audio



CoolGeek is a reinvented record player. Unlike the bulky record players on the market, it combines retro and modern, retaining modern elegance and modern sophistication. CoolGeek has 4 high quality speakers, with melodious treble, warm midrange, and surging bass. The excellent sound makes you come to the studio.

Just like the music from eras past, CoolGeek is elegant, beautiful, and endlessly entertaining. An applied metal frame and integral body construction promises a sleek look that will make you the envy of all your friends and family. While most record players on the market are bulky, heavy, and downright ugly, CoolGeek is different – making classic music and vinyl players cool again.

With high-resolution sound and immersive effects, CoolGeek makes it seem like the great voices of the past are right there in the room with you. Even if you connect via Bluetooth, it’ll sound like you’re listening to an orchestra from last century – and if you’re playing real old vinyl’s, you’ll enjoy immaculately restored sound quality that amplifies the intrinsic beauty of the human voice and the music we’ve made over the decades.

CoolGeek features a unique 4-spring suspension cushion system and core disk rotating shaft that effortlessly brings your beloved tunes of the past into the 21st century. Shock-resistant silicone reduces resonance, accompanied by high-end electromagnetic shielding and a lightweight yet tough carbon fiber arm that optimizes shock-resistance even further.

Bombastic Bass

With 4 speaker units and an ultra-large resonate cavity, you’ve never heard bass like this before.

A professional-grade amplifier chip promises low distortion and advanced multiple frequency dynamic response to control the algorithm. The result? A memorable Hi-Fi experience each and every time.

The bass is steady, the treble is clear, and the human voice is delicate to meet your various hearing needs.

What’s more, 33/45 dual rotation speed delivers powerful and stable support via a unique AC synchronize that’s as rare as gold in our industry.

Enjoying your new CoolGeek Bluetooth vinyl record player is easy. Simply unlock the arm and place it on the record’s outermost segment. The disk will automatically start rotating, while the machine lowers the arm so the show can begin! Once you’ve reached the end of your vinyl, the disk will stop playing automatically to prevent damage and preserve the lifespan of the needle.

CoolGeek supports Bluetooth 5.0, and you can connect wirelessly via your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Advanced engineering guarantees a stable connection each and every time.

However, CoolGeek also features a line out extension port to connect to external amplifiers and power supplies if needed.

Once your music is playing, CoolGeek keeps you in control with an anodized alloy metal knob that fuels the feeling of nostalgia and offers a more authentic vinyl experience.

Accompanied by high-end electromagnetic shielding and a lightweight yet tough carbon fiber arm that optimizes shock-resistance even further.

Each CoolGeek Bluetooth vinyl record player comes equipped with an original audio-technical MM needle, weighing in at just 2.5g – 3g. Such a thin needle promises unprecedented audio accuracy to make every CoolGeek experience unforgettable.

The Audio-Technica cartridge of CoolGeek can be easily placed and upgraded to other professional cartridges if needed.

What’s more, a 280mm diameter metal player keeps everything stable during operation, so you can focus on travelling back to your favorite decade through the sound of music.

CoolGeek adopts shock-absorbing foot pads, which can effectively prevent the vibration of the sound effect when playing music, making the music clearer.

CoolGeek focuses on innovative functional high-end home products in Scandinavian style, adhering to a long tradition of providing high-end home products for design lovers.

Awesome designs are born through solid construction, beautiful form, effective presentation and adding design ideas that go beyond form and function.

Through a minimalist aesthetic, Danish industrial designer CoolGeek shows the world how the seemingly unrelated three aspects of mind/function/material are perfectly intertwined. This is an experimental modern design that shows the public how to use materials correctly and what is necessary and irreplaceable for home products.

CoolGeek Design & Living provides the modern conscious you with a home that is styled without compromising intellectual elegance.